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About Us
At Art-aid+, we create exciting and effective visual communication solutions, customized for your company.

Simply put, We love to make things!

We are a full service design studio, we provide comprehensive professional design services, handling all aspects of a project, from concept development to the finished product.

We specialize in the graphic design field, including identity/logo development/branding, collateral materials, page layout, and web design.

Art-aid+ is part of your team. As your "in-house" designers, we’ll help you to deliver your message, providing practical and compelling art applications for your target audience.

Using your vision and our attention to detail, we'll create a clear, defined, unified message. And as your team member, you can count on us to present our creative professional graphic design services, on time and on budget.
Contact Info
2-4-16 Bandai Chuo Ward
Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture
JAPAN 950-0088
Office: 025 245-7988
Mobile: 090 2887-1003
Fax: 025 245-7988
Meet the head designer
Hello, I am a true New Yorker, heart & soul, but now based in Niigata. I am constantly being inspired by my natural surroundings, whether it be city or rural. Mixing old & new design techniques, with western & eastern influences help make a unique style.

I possess a passion for creative excellence, but the level of my commitment doesn't stop there. I focus on superior service, as well as developing and maintaining close relationships with our rapidly growing list of satisfied customers.

When I am not working, I enjoy sports and the outdoors, and drinking a cup of joe.

Thanks for looking, and I hope to hear from you!

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